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Animal lovers mourn Gerdy Cox-Gouron, Founder of Gerdy's Rescues and Adoptions.

Gerdy Cox-Gouron, who founded Gerdy's Rescues and Adoptions in 1993 and acted as Board President for Gerdy’s Foundation for Animals, has passed away after a lengthy illness.

PHOTO: Gerdy's Rescues and Adoptions

Gerdy is well-known in Montreal and the West Island for her 30 years of compassion, dedication, and success in providing abandoned and homeless cats and dogs in distress with new beginnings through adoption.

"It has been my calling to help every animal in need that has come into my sphere. No stray, sick, or abandoned animal has gone without help once I have become aware."-Gerdy Cox-Gouron

She was a profoundly beloved and esteemed member of the animal rescue community who touched the lives of many; our hearts go out to her family and loved ones. An obituary with details of the funeral service and memorial will be posted in the coming days.


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