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An overview of the Lachine Hospital's ongoing expansion and modernization project.

Currently, construction is underway to modernize and expand the Lachine Hospital, nearly doubling its size, under the project known as HOP Lachine. The 100-year-old hospital plays an important role in West Island healthcare. As Dr. Lucie Opatrny, President and Executive Director of the MUHC, stated,

“As a community hospital, Lachine Hospital is indispensable to patients in the West Island. The Lachine Hospital Foundation campaign will ensure more patients continue to receive high-quality care and even better access with its expansion.”

The project involves the construction of a new 18 727-square-meter building, and a 2 673-square-meter remodel, primarily on the first and sixth floors of the existing building.

The revitalized hospital will include a new emergency room, surgical suites, a palliative care unit, and 60 individual patient rooms. After the move to the new building, upgrades will be made to the historic building, including:

• Outpatient clinics

• The endoscopy suite

• The specimen collection center


The MUHC Foundation and the Lachine Hospital Foundation are raising $5 million to complement the $220 million modernization and expansion. The entire project is set to wrap up by 2027.

SOURCE: MUHC, Lachine Hospital Foundation.



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