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An innovative eBook and eAudiobook collection at the Kirkland Library is one of the first in QC

The Kirkland and Mount Royal Libraries are proud to be the first in Quebec to team up to share their English-language eBook and eAudiobook collections via CloudLink, thus providing their respective members greater access to digital titles.

PHOTO: City of Kirkland

Both libraries felt the need to improve services to their members, recognizing a marked increase in the demand for additional titles, copies, and content in digital form.

“We acknowledge that the landscape for digital content consumption is changing, as are members’ needs and expectations. Based on their valuable feedback, CloudLink will provide an improved service experience to both Kirkland and Mount Royal patrons with this rapidly growing collection of titles”, said Denis Chouinard, Division Head of the Reginald-J.-P.-Dawson Library.

CloudLink is a sharing feature provided by cloudLibrary™, a platform for digital content. Having recently migrated their English digital collections to this platform, both libraries seized the opportunity and joined their collections.

“Thanks to this collaboration, we can now offer hundreds of additional titles to our members at a minimal cost. This partnership shows our commitment to offering better service to our customers. We hope that other Libraries will follow suit in the coming months”, said Julie Filion, Kirkland Library Division Head.

Library patrons can now download the app on their smartphone or tablet directly from the App Store or Google Play, browse the enhanced collection, and read/listen to and borrow e-documents.

SOURCE: City of Kirkland

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