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A special red chair stole the spotlight at a Saint-Lazare City Council meeting.

During its last meeting, the Saint-Lazare City Council received an extraordinary visit.

"I worry about the future of the planet," young Saint-Lazare resident Kaylia stated as she began her presentation.

PHOTO: Ville de Saint-Lazare

"This little school chair represents the collective work of several children who collaborated with me from Birchwood and Auclair schools. It reminds us that the decisions we make will have an impact on future generations," she said with passion and conviction. Under the coordination of visual artist Madeleine Turgeon, a group of seven students from the city's Francophone and Anglophone communities came to present this collective work.

PHOTO: Ville de Saint-Lazare

The creation itself is a testament to their convictions: a small red chair decorated with layers of brightly colored tree leaves leaning towards the sky with a pretty red cushion on the seat. Under the cushion, it reads: "Keep us in mind" (Pensez à nous). The message has been heard: the City Council of Saint-Lazare will keep a visible place for the small chair during each of its meetings.

This great initiative is carried by the collective Mères au front – Mothers Step In, represented that evening by Martine Chenel-Gauthier, a resident of Saint-Lazare. The project of a chair, present on a permanent basis during city councils, has snowballed: from Quebec City to Saint-Lazare.

A few other municipalities of the MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges will deliver their achievements in the coming weeks. These chairs, always collective creations of elementary school children, are intended to be their voice: a way of reminding elected officials of their duties and commitments towards a healthy and green future.

SOURCE: Ville de Saint-Lazare


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