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A pilot project in Rosemont is using coffee grounds as eco-friendly anti-slip method

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In an effort to find eco-friendly ways to reduce unnecessary waste, a Montreal park in Rosemont is testing the efficiency of coffee grounds as an abrasive, anti-slip method on paths and walkways.

The pilot project was able to come to fruition due to a collaboration with Keurig, a coffee company that makes individual coffee pods for home brewing. The company, which goes through rigorous quality-control practices, has donated the grounds that do not meet company standards for one reason or another.

Instead of these grounds being thrown out, they are now being used to make sure pedestrians can access and walk through the park safely and securely.

Fascinatingly, the coffee grounds can be successfully dispersed by the same machinery that would traditionally spread salt or gravel.

Although results are inconclusive at this time, the initiative is a huge step forward to a more eco-friendly and biodegradable approach to anti-slip techniques in the winter months.

Coffee grounds have also been proven to help with the production of organic plant fertilizers, and vegan and cruelty-free leathers and fabrics.



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