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A look to some of the most popular games in Canada

Online gaming is a popular activity all over the world but there is an especially large following in Canada. Many say this is because of the long, harsh winters which force Canadians indoors for long periods of time.

Gaming can provide entertainment and maybe a bit of escapism until the cold starts to withdraw. Whatever the reason, this is a big industry which brings in serious revenue.

On the Move

Figures show that countries with a high mobile phone usage are also more likely to play online games. That’s a fairly obvious deduction, considering that game producers are keen to provide titles that are mobile friendly.

Flexibility is one key to success in this sector and, when Canadians are not hunkering down at home, there is the opportunity to play while on the move. The numbers indicate that over 31 million Canadians owned a smartphone at the end of 2020 and the figures are expected to grow steadily from that point.

Long cold winters and extensive mobile usage provide something of a perfect storm for the online gaming industry. Play is widespread across Canada but what are the nation’s favorite games?

Taking a Spin

Gambling laws in Canada are notoriously strict but it is possible for local operators to set up online sportsbooks and casinos. Heavy regulation is in place but those trusted online casinos that pass the test have an appreciative audience waiting.

In addition to Canadian casinos, a number of offshore operators can provide online services to Canadian citizens.

Canada has an extensive casino playing community who have found that traditional games transfer easily to mobile platforms. Roulette, poker, blackjack and a host of slot machines can be played on the go, or in a more traditional fashion via desktop and laptop computers. These types of competitive casino games have also been created into live versions, so Canadians are able to play their favourite casino games in their own home whilst having the atmosphere of a land based casino.

Slots in particular can fit easily into a mobile screen and can be played on iOS or Android. Most casino games can be played purely for fun, but many players like to upgrade and take on the real stakes version where prize money is on the line.

Head to the Beach

A popular video game released by DR Studios; Beach Life might just be the perfect antidote to those long winter evenings. The task of the player is to take on the role of a holiday resort manager on an exotic island.

There are two different game modes, Sandbox and Scenario and the game is fully interactive which is another reason behind its popularity. This kind of ‘build your empire’ game can come in many different forms but there may be obvious reasons why a job at the beach is of particular appeal to Canadian players.

Heroes of the Storm

A whole host of video games have been taken on by the professional eSports community, but they are also enjoyed by recreational players everywhere. Heroes of the Storm is a great example of a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title where players can enjoy top entertainment with friends and family as they build their strategy.

There are lots of titles to choose from, but this is one of the more engaging. Released in 2015 by Blizzard Entertainment, Heroes of the Storm requires five-team armies to do battle against each other in a series of colorful backdrops.

While it does require a greater number of people to assemble a game, it’s one of the more thrilling MOBA titles around and it’s one that Canada has taken a particular shine to.

Test Your Brain

The list of puzzle games is on the rise with new titles being released on a regular basis. Wordscapes is one of the more common options on mobile devices around Canada and it’s a quick, but true test of cognitive functions.

Other, more traditional games can be played online and one of the most popular of these is Mahjong. This is an ancient Chinese game that offers a test of memory and it’s very pleasing on the eye with its brightly colored tiles.

Like the majority of countries around the world, Canadians clearly like to use their free periods wisely and to keep their brains sharp during downtime.

On the Field of Play

Statistics show that 18% of adults and 17% of children spend time playing sports games online. If they can’t be there in person, players like to log on and look to excel on the virtual sporting field.

The FIFA soccer game is one of the bestselling titles in this genre but there are many others. Strategy games are also popular with options for players to take on and run their own professional sports team.

What the Future Holds

There’s no reason to suggest that the numbers of Canadians who play games online will stop increasing in the future. In fact, new technologies such as Virtual Reality can only increase the potential for developers, and we should see more marked rises in those figures.

Whatever the reasons are for Canadians spending much of their free time engaging in game play, they are certainly among the biggest consumers in the world. The high rate of mobile phone users enhances that rate of play, but those titles have been enjoyed both on the move and in the comfort of home.

As we have seen, there is a diverse choice of titles. Some offer instant thrills while others are more cerebral but each of those games provides top class entertainment.


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