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6 things you can do during lockdown (that aren't against Québec's restrictions)

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Quebec has closed almost all of the fun activities that you could have done during the dark months of the winter. So now what? Here are a bunch of activities that you can do in Montreal that aren't currently off-limits.


There are many places to go sledding with the family on the West Island. Grab your snow pants and mittens and check out one of the places on this great list made by West Island mommies

Snowshoeing & Cross-country Skiing

The most popular way to spend time during lockdown is to go for walks. This winter, try making it a little more challenging by strapping on a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis. Check out this list of trails on the West Island:


You might not be able to host or play in any hockey tournaments this winter but you can still practice your drills and skills on one of the many West Island outdoor skating rinks. Here are two options of many for public skating in Pointe-Claire and Vaudreuil-Dorion.

Farms & Zoos

Animals are a great form of therapy for anxiety. In these uncertain times, anxiety is at an all-time high. Lower your stress by visiting a farm or zoo to hang out with and pet some animals. Visit an alpaca farm or a winter farm full of different animals to calm your mind. Another option is to visit the Ecomuseum Zoo to learn about how all these animals survive the long winter!

Thrift Shopping

Everyone loves a good retail therapy session, but it's not always the best for the earth or your bank account. Thrift shopping is a great alternative to both those issues. Check out this article "In Conversation: Thrifting/Vintage clothing and Sustainable Fashion" to learn about how thrift shopping can contribute to sustainable fashion and to discover places to thrift near you!

Dog Parks

People aren't the only ones being cooped up this winter; your dogs are stuck in the house as well. Treat yourself and your pup by going to a dog park. Let yourself get some fresh air while your dog burns some energy and perhaps even makes a new friend.

Here's a list of dog parks on the West Island:

-Parc Canin Baie de Voie

-St Veronica’s dog park

-Ovide Dog park

-Angell Woods

-Terra Cotta Park

-Dog Park Logan

-Ile Bizarre Public Dog Park -Centennial Dog Park


There are many options to keep yourself and your family occupied during lockdown. Let us know which activity you'll be trying!

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