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Your Saturday, April 8th Hydro-Québec update.

As many West Islanders continue to be in the dark, there is a rising sense of frustration as the days grow longer. The most recent press conference brings some sense of hope in terms of the progression of power restorations. 1,500 workers are on the ground.

If you have had your power restored, Hydro recommends turning off the majority of your appliances and gradually increasing the heat in your home as not to overload the grid.

When asked why the West Island is seeing such significant outages, they stated that the major cause is the higher density of trees and their fallen branches that are impacting the wires.

Here are some main points from the Saturday, April 8th briefing:

  • Hydro-Québec stated in a press conference that the goal is to have 1 million clients (95% of clients) restored by tomorrow evening. Monday will still see some clients without power.

  • 800,000+ homes’ power has been restored.

  • Just under 300,000 homes have yet to be restored (190,000 in Montréal).

SOURCE: Canadian Press, Hydro-Québec.

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