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YOGA for NOVA is back to raise funds for West Island health care

After three years, NOVA is finally joining forces again with Cynthia Maher for a yoga session as part of NOVA's 12th edition of YOGA for NOVA.

Held on September 24th from 10:00-11:30 AM at Centre Harpell in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue; this will be an hour-long session with light refreshments and gifts for all participants.


NOVA West Island has been an indispensable organization for so many. Its mission is to respond to often unmet community needs through professional health care services.

The programs and services it provides to 16 West Island municipalities include;

  • palliative in-home nursing care,

  • adult day centers,

  • adult and child grief counseling, and

  • support for patients living at home and their caregivers, including ALS and Alzheimer's caregiver support groups.

Services are provided by a team of registered nurses, health aides, program coordinators, and volunteers. Family-centered care throughout the organization ensures the quality of their services, as they strive for respectful, compassionate, and culturally competent services.

Note that yoga experience is not required as everyone's level will be considered.

However, if you have a yoga mat, you may bring it along.


For more information, contact Louise Boissonneault at 514 695 8335 x212 or via email at

Registration is limited and required; click here to reserve a spot.

Another way to support the organization is through shopping at one or more of NOVA's four thrift shops. Second-hand clothing, furniture, books, and china are offered for an affordable price with unique items that the community has donated. Certain locations offer specific items, as listed below.



2750 St. Charles Blvd, Kirkland 514-697-6692


Plaza Pointe-Claire

  • BOOKS:


449 Beaconsfield Blvd, Beaconsfield 514-694-8417

Donations may be placed here

To volunteer for the organization, click here

SOURCE: NOVA West Island

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