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Winning secrets: How to play online bingo in 2023

Online bingo is growing in many parts of the world. It is a simple game that provides players with an opportunity to potentially win some money, enjoy the game, and even socialize with other players.

While there are never any guarantees when it comes to winning money playing online bingo, there are certain tips and methods that can help people to increase their chances of winning.

Winning tips for online bingo

Let’s delve into some of the techniques and methods for trying to win more money when playing online bingo in Ontario or just somewhere else in order to trigger more potential wins.

Don’t play during rush hours

Bingo games which are maxed-out with players mean you have less chance of winning. It is simple mathematics, the more people that are in the game, the more likely someone is to have a ticket that will match more quickly than your own. Bingo is effectively a lottery, and the fewer players, the more chance there is that you will hold the winning card.

Bingo games online do have times when they are less busy, and these can provide an opportunity to take advantage. Even if the potential prizes may be lower at these times, it is better to win a lower amount than nothing at all. Of course, as Wi-Fi has become more accessible in certain areas and cellular coverage has become better and cheaper, there are more players of all sorts on online games, and bingo is no exception.

Buy more bingo cards

Of course, one way to increase your chances of winning on online bingo is to buy more bingo cards. This does mean paying for more tickets of course, so there is a downside to it, and you are making it more expensive for yourself taking part in each game. Of course, twice the bingo cards also means twice the chance to win though.

Know what’s up for grabs

Whenever somebody is playing bingo online, they should know what is up for grabs. What are the prizes from the bingo room you are playing in? Some have considerably bigger jackpots, and this may mean it is worth paying for more cards.

It is also possible that players may find games where there is a special promotion or bonus that allows you to win more money from the same type of game. Taking advantage of these promotions can help you to ensure that you are playing for the biggest jackpots available.

Also, it is worth comparing different bingo sites and what they have to offer. Some of them will offer bigger bonuses even when the bingo card price is the same.

Socialize with other players

One of the enjoyable things about online bingo is the fact that there are a lot of different players out there and they provide a chance to socialize and learn more about the people as well as the game. Some even share what methods work for them.

Talking to others is definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of playing these games anyway, and it is also a useful strategy.

Play online bingo at a reputable site

Using a reputable site is absolutely crucial, and this is one way that you can always protect yourself as a player. Check that the site you are using has good reviews and that it has a good reputation. You can check the licenses that they have in addition to visiting third-party sites that have information on other peoples’ experiences with a site. Generally, a safe and secure site will mean that you have a fair chance of winning when you get involved.

Reputable sites are relatively easy to find in the world of bingo, so there is no need to play at sites you don’t really trust.

Strategies: Granville’s bingo strategy

Joseph E. Granville was an economist and author who devised a specific strategy for playing bingo.

Even though every number has the same odds of being drawn, Granville had a theory about the spread of numbers that were drawn. He advised players to choose from a wide range of different numbers, such as not having numbers close together, and also to avoid repeating digits too often. So, if the number seven was one of the numbers chosen, the player shouldn’t also have 17, 27, 37 and 47.

Of course, this strategy has not been proven, but many modern players are still keen to give it a try.

Strategies: Tippett bingo strategy

The Tippett bingo strategy is another way to try and enjoy more success playing bingo online. Leonard Tippett was a statistician and a bingo player himself, who spent a lot of time in his life trying to apply his work on statistical models to bingo. Specifically, he played 90 ball bingo.

He used a median number for the game and found out that the numbers closest to this median tended to increase as more numbers were called. When fewer numbers were called, the numbers close to the extremities (low and high numbers) were more likely, according to Tippett, to be called.

According to his theory, low and high numbers are called out more in short games while numbers close to the middle are called out a lot more as the game progresses.

Of course, this system has its flaws as well and there is no perfect way of playing the game, otherwise, bingo probably wouldn’t exist at all. There are a few different strategies and techniques, but it is up to each individual player to work out what they think will work best for them.


While there is no guarantee of anything when it comes to online bingo, the social side is a lot of fun and there are strategies and methods people can test to try and improve their success rate. Always gamble responsibly and be sure to use reputable sites whenever you are playing bingo online. This helps to reduce your risk and protect your data and financial information.

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