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Where students can go to study now that classes are in person again.

The Quebec Government recently announced that in-person teaching will begin again as of Monday, January 17th. Because of this, we thought it would be best to let students and parents alike know where students can go to study if they need a change of scenery.

A while ago, we put out an article about where you can actually bring your laptop to study when it comes to cafés and coworking spaces. When dining rooms open again, be sure to refer to that article if you are looking for a café to study in.

Unfortunately, due to the current guidelines put out by the Quebec Government, students will have to find other spaces if they need to change their environment a little.

As it stands now, there are not many places students can go other than libraries and coworking spaces.

For secondary students, many municipal public libraries remain open with obvious restrictions.

Municipal libraries such as Pointe-Claire, Dorval, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, DDO, and Pierrefonds, all require a form of membership. Each municipal library has different requirements, and may not allow non-residents to apply for a membership to access the library.

For post-secondary students at the CEGEP and University levels, the accessibility varies.

For John Abbott, Dawson, and Gérald Godin, information on their libraries indicates that their libraries remain closed until further notice. On Thursday January 13th, the government of Quebec made the announcement that CEGEPs will be able to begin in-person teaching. Information regarding the opening of those libraries will be indicated on their respective websites when the decision is made about their re-opening.

Universities Concordia and McGill have different requirements. McGill requires you to be a current student and to show proof of vaccination to be able to enter the library and use the space, while both the Webster and Vanier libraries at Concordia are open to the public without needing any form of membership or student status.

Changing your space to study or complete work is proven to boost productivity because it removes any distractions that would normally be in your own space.

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