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What Canadians Can Expect Post-Vaccination

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The Canadian Government has outlined a possible trajectory towards normalcy so long as certain milestones are met as vaccinations continue to roll out. Here’s what you can expect after getting your COVID-19 vaccine as we move into the warm summer months and look towards the fall.


Over the course of Summer 2021, experts say that it is crucial that 75% of eligible Canadians receive their first COVID-19 vaccination and that 20% receive their second dose. Of course, public health restrictions and guidelines will remain in place, depending on your region and its specifications. The federal government is continuing to urge all Canadians to follow the health measures and guidelines recommended to them by their premiers and other experts.

Although it appears that concerts, festivals, and other gatherings of large crowds will be put on hold for at least another summer, the likelihood is that Canadians can look forward to hikes, camping trips, picnics, and even afternoons on the terrasse this year.


As we head towards the cooler weather that brought with it the second surge of COVID-19 cases at the end of 2020, the hope is that this time around, 75% of Canadians will have received both their first and second dose of the Coronavirus vaccination.

Public Health Services say that we can likely look forward to an Autumn where indoor gatherings amongst members of different households are permitted. Canadians can also anticipate returning to college, attending indoor sports activities, and family gatherings. covid-19 vaccine post vaccination guidance for Canadians

The Takeaway:

If you are of the means to book and receive your COVID vaccine, Public Health Services, and your fellow community members are urging you to do so. Reach out to those around you who may need help booking and commuting to their appointment. This could be a neighbor, a family friend, or a loved one. Continue enforcing and abiding by the health guidelines and measures in place in and around your community.

The light at the end of the tunnel is starting to poke through, but it may require a poke in the arm first.

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