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West Islander faces Anti-Asian racism on a Longueuil bus.

An 18-year-old West Islander was the subject of various racial slurs.

RTL bus Longueuil
18-year-old Jack Ge was riding an RTL bus, similar to the one pictured above. Credit:

An incident of anti-Asian hate that took place on a Longueuil bus last week left 18-year-old Jack Ge in fear.

Ge, who is of Chinese descent, was riding the RTL bus 47 from TVC on what appeared to be a normal day. Later, a passenger started complaining about how his opus card wasn’t scanning through his wallet. The man later directed his anger towards Jack, who was sitting at the front.

“He went up to me and said ‘You will not control Canada.’ Once he sat down, he started saying things like that he’s tired of all the Chinese people taking things over,” explained Ge.

Jack got on another bus, but the man followed, and the racist remarks continued. This time, Jack caught the incident on his camera and took to Instagram to share the video.

The post shows Jack expressing his fear to the bus driver and an STM officer as the man screams various anti-Asian slurs in French such as “Ils veulent dominer”, and “Ils apportent leurs viruses”.

Jack urged everyone to share his Instagram video in order to spread awareness about the hate that Asians are still feeling every day. He concluded his post with a statement that featured this inspirational quote: “I’m a proud Canadian-Chinese and everybody should be proud of who they are regardless of race, gender, height, etc.”

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