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West Island resident crowned Miss Teenage Quebec.

West Island's very own Aaliya Arthur is hoping to use her victory to help others.

Aaliya Arthur, Miss Teen Quebec
Aaliya Arthur poses with her new crown.

Fifteen-year-old Aaliya Arthur has been virtually crowned Miss Teenage Quebec and is in the running for Miss Teenage Canada. Aaliya is using her platform to promote self-value and self-acceptance as mental health is becoming an increasing issue, especially during the pandemic.

“I had low self-esteem at one point, but I found a whole bunch of tools to help me out,” Aaliya explained. “Meditation is one of them. There are also affirmations, which are positive words that you repeat to yourself until you believe them. I suffer from anxiety, and these tools have really helped me.”

The West Island native credits her mother as her biggest inspiration. “She introduced me to all the tools that I've used. She’s also been very supportive, which makes me really happy inside.”

Aaliya hopes that her recent crowning will also help people overcome the enormous pressure and standards when it comes to beauty in society. “Everyone is trying to look like the perfect celebrity, and if they don’t, they feel bad about themselves,” said Aaliya. “Once you love yourself internally, you’ll realize that you are beautiful in your own way”.

Aaliya is currently raising money for the Make-a-Wish foundation. Donations can be made at

She can also be found on Facebook:

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