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West Island divers make a splash on the world stage

PHOTO: Facebook, Diving Plongeon Canada

Beaconsfield native Mia Vallée claimed the bronze medal in the women's one-meter springboard final at the FINA World Championships in Budapest on June 29th. She scored 276.60 and was preceded by China's Yajie Li, who took home the gold, and USA's Sarah Bacon, who scored a marginally higher 276.65 for a silver medal.

On Friday, July 1st, she will compete in the preliminary round of the women's three-meter springboard event, and she and partner Margo Erlam will also compete in the synchronized three-meter event on Sunday, July 3rd.

In the men's competitions, Pointe-Claire native and Tokyo 2020 Olympian Nathan Zsombor-Murray (left) and his partner Rylan Wiens (right) captured a bronze medal in the ten-meter synchronized event, scoring a 417.12. Zsombor-Murray will also compete in the individual men's ten-meter platform preliminary event on Saturday, July 2nd.

PHOTO: Facebook, Diving Plongeon Canada

Both Vallée and Zsombor-Murray are set to represent Canada at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham from August 4th to 7th. According to Commonwealth Sport Canada, the Commonwealth Games are the only multi-sport event with equal standing for sport and para-sport events. These 2022 Games will showcase the largest para-sport program ever. In addition, for the first time in its history, the Games will feature more medal events for women (135) than men (133).

The team that will be competing at this are as follows: Renée Batalla, Margo Erlam, Caeli McKay, Mia Vallée, Celina Toth, Cédric Fofana, Bryden Hattie, Benjamin Tessier, Rylan Wiens and Nathan Zsombor-Murray.

"The Commonwealth Games are happening at the ideal time for our young team this year, and we're expecting most of our divers to be close to delivering peak performances," said Mitch Geller, Chief technical officer at Diving Plongeon Canada. "Some of our team members will have had the chance to warm up at the FINA World Championships starting this week in Budapest, and we're looking forward to being in a multi-sport Games environment as our younger team members prepare for Paris 2024."

SOURCE: Diving Plongeon Canada, Commonwealth Sport Canada, FINA


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