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West Island divers compete close to home at the Montréal World Aquatics Cup.

The World Aquatics Diving World Cup is just wrapping up in Montréal, and provided West Island divers with a chance to showcase their talents in front of family and friends. Tickets were sold out across the board, and Beaconsfield's world-medalist, Mia Vallée, had her share of supporters who rallied at the Olympic Stadium.

Instagram: Diving Canada

The "Team Mia" cheering section watched on as Vallée (right) and her 3-meter synchro partner Pamela Ware (left) dove their way to a bronze medal. Mia also finished 9th in the 3-meter springboard final.

Instagram: Mia Vallée

The Pointe-Claire Aquatic Centre was well-represented at the cup, in the form of Caeli McKay and Nathan Zsombor-Murray.

PHOTO: Instagram, Diving Canada, Antoine Saito.

Nathan graced the podium with a bronze medal in the men's 10-meter platform event, and 7th place in the synchronized 10-meter platform competition with partner Rylan Wiens. Zsombor-Murray is continuing to build upon his impressive career that includes competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and placing fifth alongside Vincent Riendeau, also from the Pointe-Claire Diving Club. The two came in second place at the 2019 Pan American Games.

Instagram, Diving Canada.

Caeli McKay is one of Canada’s top 10-metre tower divers and has been under Pointe-Claire Diving Club coach Yihua Li since 2016. Caeli came in 5th place in the women's 10-meter synchronized competition along with teammate Kate Miller and 5th in the solo 10-meter platform event. She is also a multi-time Pan-American and world cup medalist.

PHOTO: Instagram, Caeli McKay

SOURCE: World Aquatics, Diving Canada.


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