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We found info on outdoor trails in the West Island so you don't have to.

It is unbelievably close to the start of a new year and we wanted to make a list of where you and your family could take a small trip to enjoy nature in and around the West Island.

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Many municipalities on and off the Island are beginning to prepare outdoor trails for public use, as well as making snowshoes and cross-country skis available to rent at certain locations.

We made a list of where to look for information made available from the municipalities about outdoor paths and equipment rentals so you don't have to go looking for it yourself.


The city of Point-Claire will have nine new groomed winter paths in its parks and green spaces.

Once a sufficient quantity of snow has accumulated on the ground, adapted equipment will be used to groom a path in the nine parks and green spaces so that citizens can get around easily.

For a full list of the parks that will be maintained, you may visit Pointe-Claire's website.

Cross-country skiing trails will also be maintained throughout the Beaconsfield Golf Club for Pointe-Claire residents. The 2 kilometre loop will be maintained once there is an accumulation of at least 20-25cm of snow in order to protect the fairways of the course.


The City of Beaconsfield has created a chart that allows residents to see what activities each park can accomodate. The chart comes with a clear legend, and a hyperlink for each park to be able to give clear directions to the location.


Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and tobogganing are welcome at DDO's Centennial park (not to confuse it with the one in Beaconsfield). Dollard-des-Ormeaux has a full list of outdoor rinks and their locations online, where you can also use an interactive map.


Information regarding recreation and outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing is mixed in with information from the City of Montreal's website. On their site, you can view the conditions of over 100km of trails from numerous parks.

Equipment rentals are available at a number of parks, though the prices are not readily available online at this time.


The City of Kirkland has not release any info on their cross-country ski trails at this moment. When information gets posted, it will be made available on their website.

The trail will run from Timberlea-Trail Street to Ecclestone Park, and maintenance of the trail will depend on weather conditions.


For those willing to travel off-island to enjoy the fresh air, Harwood Nature Park will be open for those who enjoy the vast outdoors.

The park will have equipment rentals will be available mostly for Vaudreuil-Dorion residents, though there are some availabilities and prices available online for non-residents.

Information such as trail conditions and opening hours can be found here as well.

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