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**Valérie Plante Responds to Firefighters' Controversial Intervention Without Apologizing**

Valérie Plante Responds to Firefighters' Controversial Intervention Without Apologizing

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has recently commented on the intervention by firefighters in downtown Montreal restaurants. The situation began with a heartfelt plea from Sandra Ferreira, who criticized the incident. She was forced to close her terrace at 9 PM on Friday following the firefighters' intervention. They demanded that all customers pay immediately and leave the premises.

In a recent post, Valérie Plante responded to the incident, stating: "We were all shaken by the testimony of the restaurateur from Ferreira Café, whose terrace was closed last night by the teams from the City of Montreal's Fire Safety Service for safety reasons."

The firefighters executed their warrant at 9 PM, a time that significantly disrupted business operations. Critics argue that if the location was truly unsafe, the intervention could have occurred at 9 AM, minimizing the impact on the restaurant's evening service. This has raised questions about the decision-making process and the timing of the enforcement.

Despite the emotional outcry and disruption caused to Ferreira's business, Plante did not issue an apology. Instead, she highlighted the importance of safety measures and the responsibility of ensuring public safety in the city. However, her response has been perceived by some as washing her hands of the situation, failing to address the concerns about the handling of the incident.

The closure of Ferreira Café's terrace has sparked a conversation about the city's enforcement policies and their impact on the hospitality sector. Many are looking to the mayor for further clarification and potential solutions to prevent similar incidents in the future.

As the city continues to navigate these challenges, the focus remains on safeguarding both the public and the interests of local businesses. Mayor Plante's response underscores the commitment to safety while acknowledging the concerns raised by the business community. However, the lack of an apology and the perceived dismissal of alternative handling methods have left many seeking more comprehensive answers.


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