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Updated Wi-Fi accessible in Pointe-Claire communal areas next week.

Beginning the week of June 19, residents of Pointe-Claire will have access to an updated version of the City's public Wi-Fi. The new network will be available in municipal facilities, such as Town Hall, and the Olive-Urquhart Sports Centre, Public Library, and Stewart Hall Cultural Centre.

During the transition to the new network, public Wi-Fi may be temporarily interrupted for up to 4 days. Instead of requesting an access code from the front desk or reception, users can connect directly to the City's public Wi-Fi.

  • To join, open your device's Wi-Fi settings, select 'PubliqueVPC' from the available networks, and accept the terms and conditions. This process will need to be repeated during each visit to connect to the public network.

In order to maintain a connection to public Wi-Fi, users are required to adhere to terms and conditions, which include:

  1. Keep your password confidential and take responsibility for all activities conducted under your username and password.

  2. The free internet connection is intended for email usage, instant messaging, internet browsing, and accessing corporate Intranet. However, large-scale data transfers, especially continuous high-volume transfers, are not permitted.

SOURCE: City of Pointe-Claire.


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