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Traffic Ahead: Access closed to Cartier Avenue and Highway 20 due to City of Montréal work

The City of Montréal will be conducting work prior to the assessment of the main water line that will cause the complete closure of Cartier Avenue from November 17th to 29th, 2021.

This work is part of the assessment process of Pointe-Claire’s main water line connecting the drinking water plant to the reservoir, located north of Highway 20.

The work is to determine the condition of the line in order to prevent its deterioration and ensure the distribution of sufficient quantities of quality drinking water.

The municipality of Pointe-Claire encourages drivers to take Saint-Jean Boulevard and Bord-du-Lac – Lakeshore Road during the work. The road will remain accessible to pedestrians and cyclists at all times. Walkways will be set up to provide access to buildings and stores. Parking at the CLSC will be accessible from the south entrance.

This work could possibly cause discoloured water throughout the territory of the City. This discolouration results from pressure fluctuations in the drinking water supply system that cause mineral particles that are naturally stuck to the walls of the pipe to become detached. It is recommended to let the water run for a few minutes (about 10 to 15 minutes) until it is clear again before using it. The water remains drinkable unless specified otherwise.

For more information contact the City of Pointe-Claire: 514-630-1230,

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