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Toronto Pearson Airport again urges federal government to stop random COVID testing

Nearly 500,000 passengers have been detained after arriving on an international flight at Pearson Airport in Toronto last month.

According to Greater Toronto Airport authorities, about half of the 490,810 travellers in May, or all arrivals from abroad, were detained on the tarmac to ease pressure on customs overflows. I faced a delay because it was staggered and unloaded.

About 2,700 flights arriving from abroad were delayed at Pearson last month, but in May 2019, there were four planes and hundreds of passengers.

The endless security and customs procession scene at Canada's large airports continues throughout the spring, with the peak of the travel season still weeks away.

Toronto Pearson Airport again urges the federal government to stop random COVID testing in the midst of delays.

The hurdles from airport staff shortages to COVID-19 health measures can lead to problems comparable to efforts to drain clogged terminals.

The federal government has promised to hire hundreds more security screening personnel. The Department of Transportation is a committee of government agencies and industry stakeholders to address security checkpoint bottlenecks.

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