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Timing Your Gold Investment: Is Now the Right Time to Buy?

Gold, it is one of the precious metals that remains on top of one’s list when planning to invest in jewellery. It has been quite a popular investment for centuries, and all of it for good reasons. As a valuable commodity, its price might remain volatile, especially with the uncertainty that exists around the world currently. But guess what? With proper timing of the investment, one can be amidst the investors who are free of doubts like, should I make the investment? As for the rest, traders in 2023 are considering it to be a safe haven asset. So, it’s a safe play.

Not to forget with Brisbane gold bullion for sale, you can derive more benefits. However, before investing, ensure reading the below-mentioned content. It will help you a lot.

Is 2023 the Right Time to Buy Gold?

If you too are a trader with a similar question, remember to look for the below-mentioned.

1. Know the Months When Gold is Cheap

According to gold prices historical analysis, since 1975, there has been a cost-effective beneficial pattern. The prices tend to surge during some of the months in a year. To say the cooling period is between March and August, and it then takes off between September and November.

As per the analysis, the best time, therefore, for making the purchase of the gold would be early January, March or April. One can even make it in mid-June or Early July. Do not just look out for Brisbane gold bullion for sale. Definitely, it can help reap some benefits, but what if you lose too?

Further, there are also some years when the gold prices just fell or just soared. Either way, it averaged out through the plunges and surges. However, what it taught is that the best price investors will have for the gold purchase is either the year's beginning or end. Not to forget, in March, the gold prices have shown a huge drop since 1975.

2. Plan About Selling Before Purchase

In simple terms, are you making the purchase of the gold to sell it too soon or too late? Well, the purpose of your purchase will help determine the right time for you to hold on to the investment.

It has been seen that investment experts have often reiterated how having an understanding of the investment goals as well as risks helps determine the right time for allocating the portion of the portfolio to the gold. So, if the goal is diversification, make sure to consider gold for the long-term horizon, and it will help account for both the negative and positive correlation of gold with the other assets.

Some experts even say that gold is an asset with intrinsic value. Therefore, it makes it necessary for the investors to hold the same for the long-term in the portfolio, no matter if you bought Brisbane gold bullion for sale.

Even though commodities can be quite volatile, like stocks in the short-term, it did prove since long to bring in value appreciation for the long-term.

Further, in the last 20 years, gold prices increased 580%. So, if you plan on selling your gold investment later on, do consider the trends of historical prices. It will always suggest to hold on to the same.

3. Find the Right Means to Invest in Gold

Before gold is bought, think of the gold investment type. If you wish to invest directly in gold value, it’s better to choose physical gold as coins or bars. You can even buy Brisbane gold bullion for sale.

If you are an investor with a retirement mind, put the bars and coins in a gold IRA. It will allow you to keep precious metals for retirement purposes while you enjoy the IRA tax advantages.

One can even choose to make indirect investments like through gold ETFs or any other fund which is adjacent to the gold, like purchasing the stocks of the gold mining companies. Definitely, outside factors create a lot of influence over performance, it will be the best way to diversify the portfolio without maintaining the physical assets.

2023 Gold Price Pattern

The value of gold in 2023 rose by 5%+. In the early months, the prices even topped to give record highs. It was over $2000 per ounce. Now, even though it’s back to $1950 per ounce right now, the value of gold still rose this year.

If you are one of the new buyers, it therefore means you will pay more, but that’s no excuse not to buy gold, considering the fact that the price of it will climb ahead. Also, as a long-term investment, gold can provide a lot of benefits over time, irrespective of the economic condition or the price.

Final Words

No matter the condition of the market, investors' decisions depend on them and their financial situation. As seen by City Gold Bullion, the market behaviour of the past wouldn’t guarantee the repetition, and the volatility can threaten the low equity accounts with the use of high leverage. So, make sure you trade smart. Make sure you choose an entry point with better technical analysis. Diversify your portfolio and investments, but strategically and not to forget, you can get Brisbane gold bullion for sale, too. So, why not give your investment plans due consideration now rather than later?


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