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The construction of L'Île-Bizard's bridge is well underway.

A new Jacques-Bizard Bridge is being built to replace the current bridge, which was built in 1966 and will soon reach the end of its useful life. Located a few metres from the current bridge, the new structure will allow 30,000 vehicles to cross each day, making it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to move around.

Here's everything you need to know about this project:


  • Development of four traffic lanes, one more than on the current bridge;

  • Construction of a two-way bike path and wider sidewalks;

  • Redesign of approaches up to the intersections;

  • Complete reconstruction of the roadway, water and sewer lines, and street lighting;

  • Reconstruction of electrical networks and cabling;

  • Redevelopment of Parc Denis-Benjamin-Viger;

  • Planting of trees and vegetation;

  • Construction of a lookout in the middle of the bridge;

  • Installation of urban furniture.


  • Work began in the Spring of 2022

  • The new bridge will be put into service in the Fall of 2024

  • Work is projected to end by the Spring of 2024


  • L'Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève;

  • A few meters east of the current bridge, over the Rivière des Prairies;

  • On the southern and northern approaches, between Boulevard Gouin Ouest (island of Montréal) and Rue Cherrier (Île-Bizard);

  • Parc Denis-Benjamin-Viger.

PHOTO: Ville de Montréal

A rendering of the new Jacques-Bizard Bridge

Initial project

In the first phase of the project, the old Pont Jacques-Bizard was going to be converted into a pedestrian bridge once the new bridge was built. This proposal would have retained infrastructures (electrical network, waterworks, and telecommunications services) underneath the old structure.

Since then, the concept of the new bridge has been enhanced. Infrastructures will be moved, and a wider sidewalk and bike path will be created. A four-meter-wide bike path will also ensure that emergency vehicles can get through if lanes of traffic are blocked.

The decision about the current bridge

Built in 1966, the Jacques-Bizard bridge is the only road link to L'Île-Bizard. The decision was made to dismantle the old bridge in the second phase of the project. The new structure will meet long-term mobility needs and promote active travel. The infrastructure put in place will continue to provide water and electricity to the population of Île-Bizard.

Its Life Span

The design of the new bridge has been carefully thought out to ensure a life span of approximately 100 years, 40 years longer than the existing structure. The choice of materials (galvanized reinforcing steel, high-performance coating, improved drainage system, etc.) will reinforce the bridge’s resistance to de-icing salts and the freeze-thaw cycle that damage the concrete and steel.

For further updates and information about how the work site may impact your daily activities, visit:

SOURCE: Ville de Montréal


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