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Rigaud upgrading its wastewater treatment plant

The City of Rigaud proudly announces that the requested grant for upgrading the wastewater treatment plant has been obtained. In fact, a contribution of $10,086,768 million was granted to the City by the Government of Canada and by the Government of Quebec through its Municipal Water Infrastructure Fund (FIMEAU) program. The total project is currently estimated at $14.5 million.

Bringing up to standard the City of Rigaud's wastewater treatment plant, which was built in 1985, is essential in order to comply with new government and environmental standards, eliminate recurring overruns of discharge requirements and level of infrastructure at the end of its useful life. With this financial assistance, the City of Rigaud is investing more to allow new residential, commercial, and industrial development projects in the city and to comply with new requirements related to industries.

“Projects like the one we are announcing today make me very proud. The new Rigaud sewage treatment plant will improve the volume and efficiency of wastewater treatment in the region and thus ensure a better quality of life for all. Canada's infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country and builds cleaner, more inclusive communities." States the federal deputy for Vaudreuil – Soulanges, Mr. Peter Schiefke.

For her part, the provincial deputy for Soulanges, Ms. Marilyne Picard, adds: “On behalf of my colleague and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Ms. Andrée Laforest, I am very happy with the collaboration between the two levels of government and the City of Rigaud, which will allow major work here. Ultimately, this project will directly benefit the citizens who will have access to quality water services that meet their needs. I share the enthusiasm and pride of the municipal players who have mobilized to move forward with this project, which will contribute to the vitality of Rigaud. ".

The Mayor of the City of Rigaud, Mr. Hans Gruenwald jr, adds: “This is great news for the City of Rigaud. Not only do we have to replace dilapidated infrastructures and respect environmental requirements, but the new facilities will allow the arrival of new projects that respect our environment and that will contribute to the increase in services to citizens. All this is made possible thanks to grants from the federal and provincial governments, which we warmly thank ”.

Among the steps to be carried out in this project in 2021, let us note that there must be completion of studies, the preparation of plans and specifications, the filing and processing of a request to the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against climate change, the call for tenders for the general contractor and the analysis of bids. After the contract has been awarded to the contractor in 2022, work can begin, which will last until 2023.

To view the press conference held virtually on Thursday morning February 4, 2021, click here.


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