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Stella Artois Inspires Canadians to disconnect from work and prioritize their after-work hours

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Stella Artois announced the launch of their latest initiative, Make Time. The Life Artois, which aims to inspire Canadians to disconnect from work and reclaim their after-work hours, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Stella Artois is encouraging Canadians to savour life with those who matter most with the launch of the "Stella Hour Finder" – a national (excluding Alberta), digital resource that allows users to see all restaurants and bars in their area offering Stella Hour Specials for you to enjoy your 5-9.

According to a recent Statistics Canada study, between 35 to 51 per cent of Canadians who are now working from home have reported working longer hours than they did prior to the pandemic, despite having the same level of productivity. In contrast, only three per cent of all Canadians now working from home reported working shorter hours.

"Recent data shows that Canadians are working much more than they were in previous years, which is impeding on our ability to create a clear divide between work life and personal life," said Mike Bascom, Senior Director, Marketing, Stella Artois Canada.

"This imbalance and inability to disconnect was the inspiration for the Make Time. The Life Artois campaign, because success means less if you don't get to spend valuable time with loved ones.
-Mike Bascom

"Through the Stella Hour Finder, our hope is that Canadians stop burning the candle at both ends and begin to take back their after-work hours, to savour life and make time with the people who matter most, over Stella Hour Specials."

With restrictions loosening and restaurants operating at full capacity, now more than ever, Canadians can make time for what truly matters – disconnecting to come together and savour life with loved ones.


SOURCE: Stella Artois


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