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Ste. Anne De Bellevue residents hope Marco Bar and Grill gets a facelift before summer

Dozens of firefighters were called to 82 Ste-Anne St. Tuesday morning in April, 2019. Since then the site has been sitting empty. According the SADB Mayor, Paola Hawa, the building was purchased early in 2021.

"The zoning is commercial so there is no need for the new owners to come to the city as long as they want to respect that designation," Hawa explained in an interview with the West Island News. "It is my understanding that they are conducting a structural analysis. They have applied for some necessary permits but aside from that the city does not own the building so there is not much else we can do."

The Mayor expects the owners will be anxious to get things going.

"They bought the property to do something with it, they are likely doing everything they can to move things along. During a pandemic things move slower."

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