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Speed limit reduced to 60 km/hr on Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge.

As of Monday, December 18th, the Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge, which is currently closed, will re-open to one lane per direction, and a reduced 60 km/h speed limit.

PHOTO: Ville de Kirkland

The Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility says they have instilled this measure to lessen the likelihood of accidents and the need to temporarily close lanes. The speed restriction stays at 70 km/h in the work zone near the bridge, where multiple lanes are available.

The bridge will have more surveillance, especially in the form of mobile photo radars. Road users will be advised by signage on both directions of the bridge approach that this section of Highway 40 is being monitored.

SOURCE: Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité Durable.

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