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She's coming back to us now: Céline will perform in Vegas this November

The Quebec superstar announced a mini residency at Las Vegas' new Resorts World Hotel.

Photo Courtesy Of Dion's Facebook Page

It has been announced that Céline Dion will be returning to the stage on November 5th, as part of a mini residency at the new Resorts World hotel in Las Vegas. As of now, the chanteuse will be performing on Nov. 5-6, 9-10, 12-13, 16-17 and 19-20. According to her statement on Instagram, her opening evening will benefit COVID relief. Performing in the months following her debut are the likes of Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan & Katy Perry.

This announcement comes over 2 years after Dion ended her legendary reign at the Caesar's Palace. In a phone conference to the Quebec Press, the superstar said «You know that I'm very maternal & love my family. I have 10 year-old twins. They are pre-teens. To be able to have the luxury to stay at home, raise my children and at the same time, go out almost every night to perform to my fans and share what I love doing is truly the best of both worlds. If I have the chance to do so with Resorts World, a new beginning, I don't see why I wouldn't take advantage." Tickets will be going on sale May 24.

The Resorts Hotel is the newest resort to open on the Vegas strip since 2010 has announced they will house “Las Vegas’ largest and tallest performance stage, with the furthest seat only 150 feet from the stage.”

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