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Saying goodbye to a furry friend at the ecomuseum

Image courtesy of @zooecomuseum on Instagram

On Friday, January 21st, the team at the Ecomuseum zoo had to say goodbye to their dear friend Loki the Canadian Lynx. Loki was 10 years old when the ecomuseum team had to make the tough decision to put him down.

Last year Loki had undergone surgery to remove one of his hind legs and just last week the workers at the zoo had noticed that Loki was walking abnormally on the remaining hind leg.

After more tests, the team had discovered that Loki's blood tests had shown that he had kidney failure and diabetes.

Diabetes in wild animals is very hard to treat and untreated can lead to more severe issues so the doctors decided on their decision to let Loki go without pain.

The team at the ecomuseum wants to remember all the wonderful memories they had with Loki and how he was the first lynx to enter the new living space in 2015. They are also remembering his goofy side, how he wasn't afraid of anything, except skunks!

The ecomuseum invites everyone who has had the opportunity to meet Loki to leave a comment of their favourite memory on their Instagram @zooecomuseum.

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