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Quebec's Daily COVID Stats for Feb 21, 2021

The most recent data on the evolution of COVID-19 in Québec show:

  • 666 new cases, bringing the total number of people infected to 282,122;

  • 263,537 people have recovered;

  • 15 new deaths, for a total of deaths of 10,307:

    • 7 death in the last 24 hours,

    • 5 deaths between February 14 and February 19,

    • 3 death before February 14,

  • 686 hospitalizations, for a decrease of 14;

  • 119 people in intensive care, for a decrease of 1;

  • 24,878 samples conducted on February 19;

  • 13,020 doses of vaccine administered, for a total of 344,900;

  • 401,685 doses of vaccine have been received.

Summary Data Evolution Table1

1. Note that the majority of data are presented according to the day they were entered. They are extracted at 4 p.m. at the date shown and cover the preceding 24 hours. However, the availability of the data on samples involves an additional delay of 24 hours and these correspond to the number of samples taken on the date shown.

2. It should also be noted that the data prior to those of the last 24 hours presented in the column Deaths have been adjusted according to the actual dates of death. This explains the variation of some data compared to those presented in previous press releases. The daily death toll is influenced by the time required for the physician to report the death, the time required to complete the investigation to confirm that the death was attributable to COVID-19, and the entry into the system.

3. Note that the number of doses administered may be subject to daily readjustment for the previous days, due to catching up due to a delay in data entry.


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