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Quebec minimum wage raised to $13.50 per hour as of this Saturday

The Quebec government confirmed Friday that the general minimum wage rate will be raised to $13.50 per hour as of this Saturday, which represents an increase of $0.40.

This 3.1 per cent increase will help reach the target of a 50 per cent ratio between the general minimum wage rate and the average hourly wage for the 2021-2022 period.

The Quebec government had hinted at such an increase in the minimum hourly wage last December.

Labour Minister Jean Boulet believes that the increase in the general minimum wage rate ensures fair compensation without harming employment or the competitiveness of businesses.

In his opinion, this increase contributes to reducing salary inequalities by increasing the purchasing power of the employees concerned, i.e. 287,000 people in Quebec, including 164,700 women.

Meantime, as of Saturday, the minimum wage payable to employees paid by tips will be $10.80 per hour, an increase of $0.35.

Other categories of workers in agriculture will also benefit from increases.

Source: The Canadian Press Staff


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