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Quebec Gaming Industry Waking Up From The COVID Apocalypse

Recent times have been pretty challenging, and everything started with the COVID pandemic. People needed to adapt to new circumstances quickly, and many industries have felt COVID's negative effects. However, some sectors have started recovering, and the gaming industry in Quebec is back on the right track. We have explored what helped the Quebec gaming industry to recover.

The Gaming Market in Quebec

Quebec is a well-known gaming industry hub, thanks to many game developers that decided to run their businesses in this province. Montreal, Quebec's largest city, is the hotspot for companies dealing with video gaming, animation, and visual effects. Currently, there are more than 200 gaming studios in Montreal, and they contribute a lot to the province's economy.

Thanks to Montreal's attractiveness to gaming software providers, Quebec has become this industry's working hub in North America. From video games to online casino releases, the variety of games developed in Quebec is pretty wide. No matter which type of game you prefer, it is likely that studios from Montreal have participated in its creation. Online casino lovers should be satisfied since many popular casino games were created in Montreal's gaming studios. For reputable online casinos in Quebec that can operate legally in the province, refer to this page of

Although COVID disrupted the industry, and not only this one, the gaming sector managed to thrive. Just in 2021, more than a dozen gaming studios have expanded or established their offices in Quebec. That resulted in more than a thousand new job opportunities. Generally, thanks to the gaming industry expansion in Quebec, the employment rate in Montreal has increased. Although some other locations might be more attractive to game designers or software developers, the growth of the Quebec gaming industry still continues. Nowadays, Montreal is among the top five gaming cities in the world.

How Subsidies Set the Gaming Industry Foundations?

Despite the rapid growth, Quebec and Montreal didn't become the gaming industry hub overnight. Everything started in the early '90s when plans were made to strengthen the multimedia industry. The program included subsidies for employers that wanted to open their businesses in this industry. Although the provincial government originally rejected that proposal, it eventually got realized. The first gaming company that established its office in Montreal was Ubisoft. Not long after, other gaming studios started their businesses in Montreal.

Quebec has become an attractive market for many game developers thanks to tax credits. And although this system relies on taxpayer dollars, it continues to grow and maintain its position in the global market. San Francisco and Tokyo have dominated the tech industry over the years, but Montreal has managed to establish itself as another hotspot for the gaming sector.

How the Gaming Industry Managed to Thrive?

The COVID pandemic has dramatically changed the lives of many people. We all needed to adopt new habits and keep rolling in challenging circumstances. The same happened with almost all industries in the world, and gaming was in the same position. Luckily, technology evolved so much that game developers, designers, and all others in the gaming industry have been able to work remotely.

On the other hand, the demand for new games hasn't dropped. Moreover, it has increased since people needed to de-stress themselves and search for a getaway from tough life situations. Many gaming platforms enjoyed increased popularity, while casinos moved a big piece of their businesses online. During the lockdown, people needed engaging content to lower the pressure of life-changing situations, and gaming managed to fulfill some gaps in that demand.

Consequently, eSports has gained more attention, and this part of the gaming industry also experiences great success. Besides that, young generations are very interested in gaming, and the number of consumers is constantly increasing. Nowadays, professional gamers can generate high incomes, and many others, which are not as experienced and successful, aim to enter the professional gaming waters. The gaming industry also has attracted many investors and sponsors, and their funds help this industry to keep growing.

How Quebec Manages to Attract Industry Talents?

Things in the gaming market move very fast, and Quebec needs to remain responsive and competitive in order to adapt to changes. Although the gaming sector in Montreal counts over 15,000 people, it needs to keep attracting more talent. To do that, Montreal established a unique recruitment opportunity with the Journées Québec Gaming & VFX. The goal is to attract top talent from the United States that are interested in relocating to Montreal.

Besides having the chance to work in the rapidly-growing industry with other experts, workers from the United States can experience different benefits. The costs of living in Quebec are lower, Montreal is a well-known tech hub, and the educational opportunities are also quite good. Also, the public healthcare system is much stronger.

Workers in the gaming industry can explore a lot of opportunities through the Journées Québec Gaming & VFX. Dozens of employers are active in the recruiting process, and there should be a lot of newcomers in the market in the upcoming period. The positive news for workers coming from the United States is that they don't need any proficiency in French. However, it doesn't mean they shouldn't aim to learn it.

Nevertheless, it is not about the level of cost and standard of living. If companies and experts seek only cheap places, they could find many more besides Montreal and Quebec. However, the pool of talent is what attracts experts in this industry to keep investing in this province. The proportion of cost and talent is what favors Montreal above other places, and that's another factor that will help the gaming sector to grow in Quebec.


Thanks to this established ecosystem, the gaming industry in Quebec should continue thriving. Although the government tried to scale back its subsidy program, Montreal has become the "Hollywood of video games." With the rising number of gaming studios and talents in this province, the future of the gaming industry in Quebec is very bright.

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