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Québec solidaire calls for a moratorium on industrial logging in sugar bushes

To address the repeated concerns of Quebec maple syrup producers about the activities of forest companies in sugar bushes, including those in operation, in public forests, Québec solidaire asks the Minister Dufour to decree a moratorium on commercial logging in active sugar bushes and sectors with high maple syrup potential, the time to set up a national consultation with all tenants of public lands in order to review the harmonization between different uses of the forest.

“Maple is a true emblem for Quebec and it is not for nothing. It is a founding part of our culture, it is a tasty product, a key ingredient for our food autonomy and a structuring economy for our regions. Maple syrup sales are growing strongly and the maple syrup sector relies on maple trees from the public forest to partially meet demand. However, quality sugar bushes that could be tapped are currently threatened by industrial logging authorized by the government. We cannot accept that without saying anything, ”denounces Émilise Lessard-Therrien.

The Member for Rouyn-Noranda-Témiscamingue joins her voice to those of several maple syrup producers who publicly denounce this situation and call for protection of maple activities and better harmonization between the various uses of the forest.

“We have to think about the best way to ensure harmonization of forest uses and to do so, it will take a lot more political will. Earlier this week, Minister Nathalie Roy even designated the traditions of the sugaring-off period as an element of Quebec's intangible heritage. It's all well and good the titles and the great honors, but unfortunately it only remains empty words when we see what is really being done by the CAQ to protect the maple syrup potential of Quebec, ”concludes the Solidarity Member.

SOURCE Parliamentary wing of Québec solidaire via CISION

CONTACT: Julien Royal, Québec solidaire digital attaché, 514-638-1461 or

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