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Pointe-Claire seeks candidates for its 2023 Youth Advisory Board

The City of Pointe-Claire is seeking candidates wishing to volunteer and sit on the Youth Advisory Board from January 2023 to August 2024. Exceptionally, given the Board’s calendar is in a year of transition, candidates will commit to a 20-month term. Subsequent terms will be for 12 months.

PHOTO: City of Pointe-Claire

The Youth Advisory Board was set up in November 2018 to allow ten young bilingual Pointe-Claire residents, aged 14 to 21, who are involved in the community to contribute to municipal life. To do this, the Board is supported by a City Council member, a member of the City’s staff, and a school representative.

During their mandate, Board members analyze projects and make recommendations to City Council to improve activities, municipal services, and public facilities. The Board hopes to encourage the participation of young people in their living environment and community.

Youth Advisory Board members meet on a monthly basis. Those interested in becoming a member must be available to attend an average of one meeting a month on Wednesdays.

The Youth Advisory Board is active on Instagram to share their projects and ideas with young Pointe-Claire residents so that they can follow the issues important to them.

Young Pointe-Claire residents wishing to get involved in their community have until September 10, at 4 p.m, to submit their application. Candidates will be evaluated based on criteria such as community involvement.

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