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New Walking Trail in Dorval

Hiking enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the City of Dorval has introduced a new walking trail for the community to enjoy, the Peace Trail.

Totaling about 2.5 kilometers, the new path crosses Pine Beach Park and extends towards the Cultural Centre, making its way through the magnificent Peace Park Arboretum, then around the vast grounds of the Sarto-Desnoyers Community Centre.

Citizens can access the trail via three main entry points: either by the Pine Beach Park parking lot located near the boat ramp, via the Dorval Library parking lot, or through the parking lot next to the skatepark on Dawson Avenue, across from the Dorval Aquatic and Sports Complex. Divided into three sections, the trail creates a loop totaling approximately 2.5 km, when walked full-circle.

  • West Section (from the boat ramp to Lakeshore Drive): 400 m

  • Center Section (Peace Park Arboretum): 250 m

  • East Section (SDCC loop): 1.2 km

Mayor Edgar Rouleau sincerely hopes that citizens will be delighted by this new trail: “This pilot project was recently developed in response to the demand we received from residents who, during these COVID times, are looking for a simple and fun way to stay active and get some fresh air, by themselves or with family members, while experiencing nature’s beauty and the charming landscapes that our municipality has to offer. As our citizens’ health is important to us, we hope this trail will encourage them to get out and about, and take a breath of fresh air! A good dose of sunlight is what we all need during these trying times.”

It goes without saying that the trail’s conditions depend heavily on Mother Nature’s whims and what weather she brings us. As such, hitting the trail will be even more enjoyable once our teams pack the snow forecasted this week.

Furthermore, for safety reasons, it is recommended that the Peace Trail be used for walking only and that citizens avoid visiting it with snowshoes or cross-country skis. In addition, residents are asked to respect the physical distancing measures and government health guidelines in effect when walking on the trail.

So… On your feet, get set, go! Come enjoy the new Peace Trail in Dorval!


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