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New by-law protects threatened species in the Greater-Montreal region

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In a press release published by the City of Pointe-Claire, mayor Tim Thomas alongside the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) announced the adoption of an Interim Control By-Law to protect natural environments and threatened species in the territory of Greater Montréal.

According to the CMM, this by-law has the effect of prohibiting any construction, structure, work, or activity in terrestrial and wetland environments of metropolitan interest defined by the CMM, including the habitat of the chorus frog, with certain exceptions.

A total of 53,435 hectares are subject to conservation measures.

It should be noted that the private forest located north of Highway 40 and west of Fairview Avenue, the zone Mu2 on the zoning map of the City of Pointe-Claire, is identified on this map as being a terrestrial and wetland environment of metropolitan interest. Certain stretches of the shores of Lake Saint-Louis are also listed as wetlands of metropolitan interest.

“We take the protection of our natural environments to heart, and this CMM initiative confirms our common desire to preserve these spaces and contribute to the fight against climate change. Our natural environments and green spaces are the lungs of our community and we must protect them for current and future generations,” said Mayor Thomas.


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