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New Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge to be put into commission by 2026.

The Ministry of Transportation and Sustainable Mobility announced the signing of the contract for the design, construction and financing of the new Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge Project. As a result, the Ministry confirmed that the new bridge will be progressively put into service in late 2026. The cost of the project, $2.3 billion, is entirely financed by the Government of Quebec.

PHOTO: Ministère des Transports

The new bridge will consist of two distinct structures and will include three traffic lanes per direction, a two-way multi-use path and wide shoulders adapted for use by buses. The structure will have a distinct architecture, including viewsheds, signage and lighting.

Watch this short video to discover a rendering of this new link between the Island of Montreal and the Montérégie.

The work will be carried out by the Groupe Nouveau Pont Île-aux-Tourtes, composed of :

Dragados Canada Inc;

Excavation Roxboro Inc;

Construction Demathieu & Bard (CDB) Inc.

Construction is scheduled to begin in late Summer 2023. It should be noted that certain preparatory clearing and drilling activities required for the design began in February 2023. The work will be carried out to the north of the existing structure. In order to limit the impact on traffic, traffic will be maintained on the existing structure during the work.

SOURCE: Ministère des Transports

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19 abr 2023

You do not need a bike path there....

Me gusta
19 abr 2023
Contestando a

Who cares , just put the bike paths everywhere the taxpayers will pay for them anyway

Me gusta
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