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Nelligan MNA Monsef Derraji kicks off chess tournament with world champion Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux.

Nelligan's MNA, Monsef Derraji, will host the second edition of his chess tournament on May 6th in the Kuper Academy gymnasium. In partnership with the Quebec Chess Federation, the event will welcome up to 125 participants who will have the chance to meet the Under-18 Chess World Champion, Shawn Rodrige-Lemieux, who was recently honored by the Quebec National Assembly through Mr. Derraji's initiative.

PHOTO: Office of Monsef Derraji

«This tournament is of special importance to me, as it is aimed primarily towards our youth,» proclaimed MNA Monsef Derraji. «Also, chess requires a good reading of the game and the ability to develop strategies. I would like to thank the Quebec Chess Federation for bringing my vision to life, as well as Kuper Academy for receiving us this year. The participation of our Chess World Champion in the under-18 category, Shawn Rodrique-Lemieux, adds value to our event and proves that our young Quebecers are able to shine on the international stage. We just need to believe in them and give them the resources to succeed», explained Derraji.

«Chess is universally known and recognized for its didactic qualities, " declared the Quebec Chess Federation President, Eric Jose Guipi Bopala. «There is nothing more normal than playing chess at school. It is for this reason that we are honoring the initiative of Monsef Derraji's invite to the youth of his riding to participate in the second edition of the MNA for Nelligan's Chess Tournament,» Mr. Guipi Bopala stated.

The tournament registration will be open until April 23rd and can be done online. Participants will be rewarded with prizes and certificates. Click here to register.

Background on the Quebec Chess Federation

The Quebec Chess Federation is a non-profit organization that aims to promote and

develop chess in Quebec. It was founded in 1967 by the Quebec Ministry of Education,

Family, Recreation, and Sport. Its activities include the training of referees, coaches,

players and organizers, the publishing of books, the publication of a monthly webzine,

and the organization of national chess champions. The Board of Directors is composed

of 11 directors and the general meeting is open to all members. The federations

mission includes the promotion of the teaching and practice of chess, training, the

production of materials, and promotion of expertise.

SOURCE: Office of Monsef Derraji, MNA for Nelligan


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