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National AccessAbility Week leaves a legacy of reform for disability inclusion

PHOTO: City of Pointe-Claire

National AccessAbility Week was a Canada-wide initiative to promote inclusion and better accessibility for those living with disabilities. As the community continues to acknowledge the Week ending June 2, the City of Pointe-Claire increased their special needs access.

“Living with any type of disability requires resilience and determination every day. This is why it is important for us to take concrete action in our facilities and services to make it easier for everyone to participate in the life of the community” explained Mayor Thomas.

In order to successfully enact measures toward accessibility, the City will be supported by the presence of an Accessibility Committee. The purpose of this Committee surrounds encouraging a better understanding of the reality of people living with disabilities. With this knowledge, the Committee can target its actions to improve universal accessibility in the City.

Efforts are continuing to be made in order to improve access to municipal infrastructures. For example, in May, the City inaugurated its new Olive-Urquhart Sports Centre, which is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility to prepare for sports activities or use the swimming pool and the various devices.

To facilitate access to Council meetings, whether as a live broadcast or recording, they are now subtitled. In addition, hearing aids are available for people who have difficulty hearing well in the Council Chamber.

The City is a partner organization of the Companion Leisure Card (CAL) for all its programs and activities. Offered year-round, this free pass allows the accompanying person to participate free of charge in activities in which the person with a disability takes part.

The Library, for its part, has created five bilingual activity kits for people living with cognitive disorders. The kits are all different and allow people with cognitive disabilities and those accompanying them to take part in stimulating activities.

In addition, so that everyone enjoys the summer, three adapted tables will be set up in many parks and green spaces.

Activity booklets on friendship and inclusion will be distributed at the Aquatic Centre, at the Sports Centre, as well as the Stewart Hall Cultural Centre. Parents and children can use this booklet to become aware of the importance and benefits of inclusion for everyone.

“Let’s continue together to make life easier for people living with disabilities, starting from an early age, one step at a time,” concluded Mayor Thomas.

SOURCE: City of Pointe-Claire

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