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Meet Kelly-Anne Soutter-Burns: A woman who strives to make a difference

Image courtesy of Kelly-Anne Soutter-Burns

International women's day just passed but West Island News wants to continuously celebrate the amazing women in our community; those who contribute to the community through selfless work and dedication.

Kelly-Anne Soutter-Burns from Ile Perrot has contributed greatly to her community by helping those less fortunate. She has mentioned that helping people has always been her greatest goal.

"I love to live everyday like it is my last chance to make a difference"
- Kelly-Anne Soutter-Burns

She said that one of her greatest achievements was starting a soccer developmental program for children with intellectual deficiencies in 2007. The program originally served 40 children which are now called Super Sonics. Now more than a decade later, the program is home to 85 children of all ages with intellectual difficulties. Kelly-Anne is proud to share that The Quebec Special Olympics has welcomed a branch of the Sonics athletes as an official soccer team in their Special Olympics games.

"Being a part of this incredible organization is something we do not take lightly and we are immensely proud to be there."
- Kelly-Anne Soutter-Burns

For Kelly-Anne, it is important that all stages of the community are taken care of, that is why she has been a cook for Meals on Wheels for many years. She says that it allows her to assure the seniors are well fed as well as periodically check up on them. Kelly-Anne encourages everyone to participate in Meals on Wheels and says it is very easy to get involved.

"There are so many positions that need filling and it's a great feeling to help."
- Kelly-Anne Soutter-Burns

Kelly-Anne can be found over at the Fabulous Women over 50 Facebook group where she and other members share positive stories and affirmations with each other!



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