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Local Humour Blogger contributes to International Publication on the Pandemic

West Island blogger, writer, and author, Mona Andrei, is included in an international book on the Coronavirus that was released into the world on July 31st.

‘With Love, Comes Hope: Stories & Inspiration During the 2020 Pandemic’ is an anthology written by more than 70 writers from across 30 countries around the world, spanning every continent.

The project was created by the publisher, Acclaimed Books Limited, and 100% of the royalties are being donated to an international humanitarian charity called Bridge2, supporting people in need around the world.

“July was actually a big month for me,” says Mona Andrei. “I finished writing two books that are scheduled for release later this year and then on Friday morning – the very last day of the month – I received the news that ‘With Love, Comes Hope’ was being released that day. I was especially pleased to be invited to write a piece about my personal experience during lockdown while collaborating with others from around the world. Documenting our experiences during this unique and devastating period as a way to help others is such a great way to give back. And of course, being a humour blogger, I couldn’t help but focus on the fact that this situation sits on the edge of our own sanity.”

‘With Love, Comes Hope’ is available as of today for purchase on Amazon.

Acclaimed Books Managing Director, Peter Lihou, offered a personal message of thanks to Mona for her contribution.

About Mona Andrei

Mona is the writer behind – Life updates gone wrong. Or right. I’m undecided. She is listed as a top 100 humour blogger (even though she doesn’t only write humour). She is also author of SUPERWOMAN: A Funny and Reflective Look at Single Motherhood (Cynren Press) as well as the writer for a collaborative book entitled, LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE: 15 Principles for Success and the Stories that Inspired Them (Tremendous Leadership), which she wrote as a legacy project for two industry influencers.


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