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Is Online Gambling Popular in Canada?

The world online gambling market is estimated to be worth almost $60 billion. Moreover, the market is projected to grow to over $90 billion in 2023. Online gambling consists of the following types of games, sports betting, poker, blackjack, casino games etc.

Canada is renowned for many things like maple syrup, ice hockey in the winter and lacrosse in the summertime. Many are surprised that around 75% of Canadians partake in gambling. So, how widespread is gambling in Canada? Let's take a look.

An Overview of the Canadian Gaming Industry

Situated at number eight, Canada is at the forefront of gambling globally. The online gambling sector rakes in almost $1.2 billion every year in Canada. This amount is set to explode in the next couple of years with the metaverse and other technological advances in the next couple of years.

There is a growing trend that brick-and-mortar establishments focusing on gambling have seen a drastic decline in player numbers. People are moving more to online gambling sites and prefer to play in the comfort of their own homes rather than going out. Furthermore, developers of these online games have been improving their usability and attractiveness of these games.

The Population Graphics in Canada

The majority of online gamblers are surprisingly female in Canada, and they prefer to use their mobile devices. Out of all the online gamers in Canada, only 20% of the players are female. Men are still way ahead of women when it comes to online games. Men are still way ahead of women when it comes to online games.

The people that play casino games are primarily young professional women and men or college students, as they have the most available free time. Popular games Canadians love betting on; women prefer to play gambling games like bingo. The men prefer sticking to slot games in online casinos and at the brick and mortar establishments. Of all the gambling games in Canada, people voted that roulette is their game of choice, and people aren't afraid to wager significant money on this game.

Many people are enticed to gamble in Canada because the winnings of your gambling exploits are not taxed in Canada. They also have lots of progressive jackpots that you can win daily. The time that you will find the majority of players online is between 4 pm and 6 pm.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

The best thing for you is to find a reputable gambling site with stellar reviews. However, in Canada, people choose online casinos under the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The commission is there so that online casinos in Canada don't exploit players and minors. They have made their own rules and regulations that they enforce so that players and casinos stay within the parameters of the law.

Easy Payment Methods

There are many ways to top up and cash out your accounts in Canada. There is a whole list of options for you to choose from if you want to make a withdrawal or a deposit, and they include Visa Cards, Entropay, PayPal, Mastercard, and Neteller.


Canada is seeing impressive growth in the gambling market, and this trend is set to grow as the popularity of gambling increases in the country. The surprising thing is that women are the majority of online gambling in Canada.

The gambling industry is ripe and is set to grow exponentially. That is why many people in Canada want to get in on the act. You don't pay any tax on your winnings is an added incentive to join the ever-growing community of gamblers in Canada.



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