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How well do you know the Habs?

Test your Montreal Canadiens knowledge with these 20 questions brought to you by the West Island News.

See answers at the bottom.

1: Who is the Habs’ franchise leader in points?

2: Which Habs player was the first ever coach of the Quebec Nordiques?

3: How many Stanley Cups do the Canadiens have?

4: Who was the first ever Habs player to have his jersey number retired?

5: What was the Canadiens old home before the Bell Center?

6: What year did the Habs lose to the Philadelphia Flyers in the conference finals after upsetting the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins?

7: Who led the Montreal Canadiens in scoring this season?

8: Name three players that gm Marc Bergevin acquired at the trade deadline this season:

9: Which player did Max Domi get traded for in the 2020 offseason?

10: Which two teams did assistant coach Alex Burrows play for in his NHL career?

11: Which Habs player did Dominique Ducharme coach during his time with the Halifax Mooseheads?

12: In what year did the famous Weber for Subban trade take place?:

13: Brendan Gallagher wore #73 at the start of his career, but gave the number away after the Habs aquired another player who wore #73 his whole career. Who was this player?

14: Which Habs goalie won the Stanley Cup before he was even eligible to be a rookie? (Hint: 1971)

15: The Canadiens won their last Stanley Cup in 1993. Who was their captain?

16: The Montreal Canadiens are about to play against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Finals. Which Lightning player was drafted by the Habs and then traded for Scott Gomez in 2009?

17: In the 2nd round of the 2020 NHL entry draft, Montreal drafted someone who has a brother on the Vegas Golden Knights. Who did they draft?

18: In the 2020 NHL playoff bubble, the Montreal Canadiens beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in the opening round. Who did they lose to in the next round?:

19: In the 2014 conference finals, which New York Rangers player was responsible for injuring Carey Price after sliding into him while on a breakaway?:

20: Which former Hab called then-Ottawa Senators coach Paul MacLean a "bug-eyed fat walrus" after MacLean made a disrespectful comment during the 2013 post-season?


1: Guy Lafleur

2: Maurice Richard (he resigned after two games due to stress)

3: 24 Cups

4: Howie Morenz, #7

5: The Montreal Forum

6: 2010

7: Tyler Toffoli

8: Erik Gustafsson, John Merril, Eric Staal.

9: Josh Anderson

10: Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators

11: Jonathan Drouin

12: 2016

13: Michael Ryder

14: Ken Dryden

15: Vincent Damphousse

16: Ryan McDonagh

17: Luke Tuch, brother of Alex Tuch (#89 on Vegas)

18: The Philadelphia Flyers

19: Chris Kreider

20: Brandon Prust

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