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How to create a more meaningful garden

Image courtesy of Unsplash

It is finally spring and the weather should soon warm up just in time for gardening and decorating your house with beautiful flowers. This year, try putting an intention into your gardening or home to make your space more meaningful, whether that be to create more joy, relaxation or love.

Here's a list of 10 flowers and their meanings to help you set your intention.


These flowers look similar to a smaller version of a sunflower and inspire motivation and positive change. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, the Black-eyed Susans can help you gain the motivation you need to create change.

This beautiful flower represents fascination and motherly love. If you are looking to bring in the type of unconditional love that a mother would give to their child into your home this is a great flower to put around your garden.

These inspiring flowers will help you fight any creative block you may be experiencing. They not only represent creativity, but inner reflection and vitality; everything you may need to get back into an artistic flow!

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Daisies have many different types of meanings depending on their colour, but overall they represent new beginnings and hope.

White: Purity and innocence.

Yellow: Cheerfulness, friendship, joy, and wishing someone well.

Blue: Long-lasting trust, honesty, and loyalty.

Purple: Feminine beauty, pride, elegance, and royalty

Pink: Gentle admiration, affection, or adoration.

Red: Romantic love.

Orange: Passion, excitement, sunshine, and happiness.

Similar to daisies, the forget me not flower has different meanings depending on the colour, but is most commonly known for representing that you will always remember the person you are gifting the flowers to.

White: A fresh start, innocence, strength, and guidance.

Pink: Femininity, optimism, playfulness, gentleness, and faithful love.

Purple: Wealth, success, power, adventure, and travel.

Blue: Peace, healing, growth, development, intelligence, and communication

Image courtesy of Unsplash

This is another flower whose meaning varies depending on the colour. The overall symbolism of the lilac is the joy of youth. The most common colour of this flower is the purple lilac and is seen as a connection to the spiritual world. Add this flower to your space to feel more spiritually connected to your beliefs.

The lily flower doesn't have an overall meaning but has different types of symbolism depending on the colour of its pedals. If you are looking for some confidence, buy some gorgeous tiger lilies to give you the boost!

White: Purity or rebirth

Red: Romantic love and passion

Pink: Friendship, compassion, and admiration.

Yellow: Happiness and loyalty

Green: Renewal and growth, success and financial prosperity.

Orange: Courage and confidence

Image courtesy of Unsplash

The red rose is the most popular of its colours and symbolizes romance and affection. Although it does come in other colours the rose is quite often used to symbolize love of all kinds no matter the colour.

The sunflower represents happiness, joy and beauty, similarly to how the actual sun makes us feel on a warm summer's day. Add this tall beautiful flower to allow joy and happiness to fill your home!

This flower most commonly seen around spring and easter has different meanings based on its colours. Place these flowers on your table as a centrepiece to receive an overall mood boost.

Red: Perfect love

Pink: Good wishes, health, and confidence.

Orange: Joy and enthusiasm

Yellow: Cheerfulness, and pure friendship

White: Peace and apology

Purple: Royalty


If you can't decide which intention you want to bring into your home, pick out your favourite flower; no matter the meaning, its beauty will bring you joy!

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