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Free Picnic Table Reservation for Dorval Residents

After listening to its citizens over the past few days, the City of Dorval will finally make several adjustments to the picnic table reservation policy at Pine Beach and Walters parks.

Dorval-Quebec-free-picnic-tables-west-island-outdoor-activities-Pine Beach and Walters parks
Dorval residents may be able to reserve a picnic table without any reservation fees at Pine Beach and Walters parks.

The procedure that should be approved at the May 17 council meeting will state, among other things, that:

  • Only Dorval residents can reserve a picnic table.

  • There will be no reservation fees.

  • Tables can be reserved from Monday to Thursday at noon, only for the following weekend.

  • Table reservations will be displayed on site, in order to inform citizens who will still be allowed to use the tables outside of the indicated reserved hours.

A reminder that reservations will only be possible during weekends and that they do not apply to other parks. The first reservations will be open for the June 5-6 weekend. Source City of Dorval

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