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Fleurons du Québec 2021 Classification: The City of Dorval Receives 4 Fleurons!

Image courtesy of the City of Dorval

On December 8th, the Corporation des Fleurons du Québec unveiled the results of the 16th edition of its horticultural classification for municipalities that were evaluated in 2021.

No less than 136 municipalities were evaluated this year. The City of Dorval is extremely proud to have maintained its 4 fleurons classification, thanks to its excellent work over the past three years!

The Corporation des Fleurons highlighted the tremendous efforts made by the City of Dorval and all of the evaluated municipalities in order to sustainably embellish their territories and give their citizens a better place to live.

The Fleurons evaluation takes place every three years and is assorted with a detailed report written by professionals and containing advice to progress in the classification grid. For each municipality, the classifiers visit 60% of the territory and evaluate everything in sight, including public, institutional, commercial, and private facilities. Sustainable initiatives (compost, community gardens, arboreal heritage’s conservation, etc.) are also taken into account.

Throughout the province, it’s 43% of Quebeckers that are citizens of a Fleurons municipality. In 2021, 338 municipalities from all around Quebec are proudly displaying their fleurons. It is a demonstration of the growing interest of municipalities toward greening their environment.

To discover the 2021 results, consult the leaflet for the 16th edition of the Fleurons horticultural classification available at


SOURCE: City of Dorval

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