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Elf treasure hunt in Beaconsfield parks

Image curtesy of Unsplash

The city of Beaconsfield has collaborated with Santa's elves to create a treasure hunt for all the children in the neighborhood.

The elves have played and left their belongings in different parks around the city. They have visited Windermere, Brookside, Taywood, Jasper, Beacon Hill, and Christmas Park. The list of items left in the park can be found at each park chalet.

If your children find an item, take a picture of yourself pointing towards the object and send them to Be sure to include your name, age, and address in the email.

The elf treasure hunt will last until January 15th; a draw will be held to reward the young residents of Beaconsfield who are lucky enough to find some items!

Good luck and let us know if you've found anything elvish in your local park!


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