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David Rigby, celebrates 50 years of stunt work and his birthday at Cunningham's

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

David Rigby - Montreal Stuntman Extraordinaire

Admired and respected by his stunt performer friends and colleagues, and with over 200 motion picture and television credits to his name, David Rigby is a Montreal actor and is a renowned stunt-performer, stunt-coordinator, stunt-double as well as a stunt-driver. One only need look at Rigby's impressive page (Internet Movie Database) to see the many films and television series that this great legend has left his mark on. Some of his exploits include stunt work on movies such as The Dead Zone; Police Academy 3 and 4; Look Who's Talking; Scanners; Highlander; The Art of War; Driven; The Score; The Sum of All Fears; Taking Lives; The Day After Tomorrow; Death Race; Punisher; Lance et compte; Funkytown; Warm Bodies; White House Down; RoboCop; Pompeii, and Brick Mansions -- just to name a very few!

On Saturday, March 25 - 2023, Rigby was honoured for his more than 50 years of stunt experience by many of his close friends and colleagues of the Canadian stunt performance world. The occasion also marked his 78th birthday, and was held at Cunningham's Pub, in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

In the picture provided, we see David Rigby in the center, flanked on the left by stunt-coordinator and stunt-actor Patrick Kerton, and on the right by stunt-actor Marcello Bezina.

A spectacular and touching stunt reel "Master Of Disaster", featuring some of David Rigby's work and dangerous stunts, was affectionately prepared by Marcello Bezina and presented to Rigby and guests, at Cunninham's Pub.

Rigby unfortunately suffered a stroke a few years back that left him semi-paralyzed, but vows that, despite this setback, he's looking to return on a movie set for one last time as a stunt driver.

David Rigby also received honours when he was inducted in the inauguration of the Canadian Stunt Hall Of Fame, on October 13, 2022.

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