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MyPetsProfile™ is designed to ease the introduction and on-going management of pets for hi-density rental housing communities. Now MyPetsProfile™ adds much more for the pet community.

As reported Canadians adopted three million pets amidst pandemic, and much needed support is required to change the lack of pet-friendly housing in some Canadian regions.

The MyPetsProfile™ platform provides pet parents a simple, but comprehensive storage of photos and critical pet details needed to share and communicate directly with rental housing providers. Pet parents can choose what pet information and communication preferences are private and secure, and/or public.

Reuniting lost and found pet(s) is a continued challenge. The App features MyPetAlert, an immediate network notification to all neighboring pet parents, property managers, businesses and shelters of a lost pet. A "found" pet can easily be identified as well using the built-in MyPetsFinder feature to search any type of pet ID and characteristic.

Homeless pets are on the rise as reported Dog rescues overloaded as people surrender pandemic pups.

MyPetsProfile™ provides all registered Animal Shelters a services profile at no cost. Each Shelter or SPCA can easily add and manage their "Pets for Adoption" at no cost. Users can search pets for adoption across all shelters, and contact the shelter directly. Note: MyPetsProfile™ strictly prohibits the sale of pets on its platform.

"It's time for communities to move from pets allowed to a pets welcome mindset. Providing a social platform to meet and communicate with neighboring pet parents and local pet-friendly businesses, parks and venues is an important part of the App. However, the ability for residents with pets to be transparent about their pet(s) with condos, apartments, hotels and businesses is key to expanding pet-friendly access" says Garry Bradamore President, MyPetsProfile™. "Now pet parents can easily introduce their pet and details directly, so establishments can assess and properly prepare for the pet and parent arrival."

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