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Coach Phil Foundation's inaugural soccer tournament raised $33,000 for The ALS Society of Québec.

In association with Soccer Pointe-Claire, The Coach Phil Foundation hosted its inaugural, special fundraising tournament supporting the ALS Society of Québec. The funds raised will support patients and fund research into new treatments for the devastating condition commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

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The Coach Phil Foundation was founded by Pointe-Claire resident Phil Lalonde, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in September. The Kick ALS Facebook challenge and the ALS Society of Québec donation page started by Coach Phil before the tournament had raised more than $20,000.

The event was a huge success and will build upon their previous work towards the goal of $50,000. Over 220 players, 80 volunteers, and 20 referees worked together to kick ALS.

The team of volunteers' dedication and the community's involvement paid off. They have raised $33,000 and expect the generous donation to be even more substantial once the numbers are finalized.

Coach Phil closed the tournament by saying," I challenge everyone to continue to kick ALS."

Plans are already underway for a tournament for next year. To donate to Phil's ALS Society of Québec page, visit:

SOURCE: The Coach Phil Foundation

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